Why are the prices of products so high in Lebanon?

Why are the prices of products so high in Lebanon?

As you may all know, Lebanon is facing the worst economic crisis in its history. As a result, many big businesses have suspended their operations and wholesalers are no longer shipping in bulk.

It was left to individuals to take matters in their own hands and provide the Lebanese community with products that are missing from the market.

However, some products tend to be more expensive when compared to the same sold abroad, and this is for the following reasons:

1) Any product is purchased at its official retail price, and not a wholesale price.

2) Each product is subject to a 5% bank commission, air shipping fees, customs, and the seller's markup profit.

3) Some products are considered as collectibles and their prices increase over time due to their limited availability.

That said, it is normal to find any product nowadays at almost 1.7x its original retail price. King Author always guarantees to provide you with very competitive prices and 100% authentic products.

So, if you find a product at a ridiculously low price, think twice before buying it. It is surely fake and has zero value!

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