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Coffee Scented Candle

Coffee Scented Candle

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This candle is 100% natural that employs only sustainable and environmentally friendly components and manufacturing techniques. We use soy and palm wax, natural fragrances and essential oils, zinc-free 100% cotton wicks, and recycled glass containers.

Soy wax is natural, burns cleaner, lasts longer, and smells better!

Sham3a is proudly handmade in Lebanon, and comes in 3 different coffee scents:

  1. Rakwe (Red): Ground coffee, coffee beans, soy wax.
  2. Cappuccino (Blue): Natural vanilla fragrance, caramelized coffee beans, soy wax.
  3. White Coffee (Green): Natural orange blossom, cardamom beans, soy wax.


- Box Dimensions: 74 x 74 x 65 mm
- Candle Diameter: 72 mm
- After the wax has fully burned, pour hot water into the cup and leave it for 5 minutes. Then clean the cup with soap and water, and enjoy your daily coffee in it.


  • Hamra (same day): Free delivery
  • Greater Beirut & Metn (24-48 hrs): 3$
  • Rest of Lebanon (3-5 days): 5$
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