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Sheriff Of Nottingham (2nd Edition)

Sheriff Of Nottingham (2nd Edition)

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In Sheriff of Nottingham, you are a merchant trying to deliver your goods to market. Players take turns assuming the role of the Sheriff, who must decide which merchants' bags to inspect and which to let by. As a merchant, your goal is to convince the Sheriff to let you in... by any means necessary! At the end of the game, the merchant with the most wealth wins!

This game includes the rules for 6 players as well as the Deputies and Black Market expansion.


- Release Date: 2020
- Number of Players: 3 to 6
- Components: 110 Gold Coins, 216 Goods Cards, 6 Deputy Cards, 6 Black Market Cards, 2 Deputy Standees, 1 Sheriff Standee, 6 Merchant Stands, 6 Merchant Bags, 1 Booty Tile
- Game Duration: 60 mins
- Rulebook: English, Arabic, French
- Dimensions: 254 x 254 x 76 mm
- Weight: 997 g
- Barcode: 889696011367


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